Childrens drama at St Andrew with St Alban in the Parish of Mottingham

In addition to an annual traditional Nativity Play, our children perform in other dramas as part of the 10am morning service at Sy Andrew's Church.Thes have included the following titles:

  • "Goldilocks and the three planets" - Goldilocks goes on a quest to find the one planet in the Solar System which God has designed to be 'just right'.
  • "Disaster on Mother's Day" - When plans for the special day go wrong, the children learn that helping and being grateful are needed throughout the whole year.
  • "The Innkeeper's Surprise" - After the birth of a baby boy the innkeeper's life is changed forever.
  • "The pigs who shared" - A runaway boy meets some generous-hearted pigs and is persuaded to go home to his family and find forgiveness.

Children of primary school age are welcome to join our team of actors. Details of the next production can be found by emailing David and Thelma at