HeartEdge Partnership with churches in the Parish of Mottingham

HeartEdge is a growing ecumenical network of churches, inspired by the vision of the congregation of St Martin-in-the-Fields (SMITF) and launched in February 2017. St Andrew with St Alban joined soon after the launch following the approval of our PCC and benefits from a wide range of events and connections exploring mission and providing ideas, contacts and consultancy. HeartEdge supports churches in blending their mission around four key areas:

  • Congregation - inclusive approaches to liturgy, worship and day-to-day communal life
  • Community - models of outreach serving local need and addressing social justice
  • Culture - art, music and ideas to re-imagine the Christian narrative for the present moment
  • Commerce - commercial activities that generate finance, creatively extending and enhancing mission and ministry through social enterprise.

More information about HeartEdge can be found here - https://www.stmartin-in-the-fields.org/life-st-martins/mission/heartedge

St Andrew and St Alban HeartEdge Snapshot submission is below.

2018 HeartEdge Mailers
March - https://mailchi.mp/stmartinscharity/news-resource-network-support?e=b9e8ca94f8
April - https://mailchi.mp/stmartinscharity/heartedge-april-mailer-70mei4vvlx?e=...
May - https://mailchi.mp/stmartinscharity/heartedge-may-resource?e=b9e8ca94f8
June - https://mailchi.mp/fc42bbf15b6f/heartedge-june-mailer?e=08b2193aed
July - https://mailchi.mp/37b39fc4e90a/heartedge-july-mailer?e=08b2193aed
August - https://mailchi.mp/26b68c6534ee/heartedge-august-mailer?e=08b2193aed 
September - https://mailchi.mp/139e232b2f97/heartedge-september?e=08b2193aed
October - https://mailchi.mp/c07a871d5bb5/heartedge-mailer-october?e=08b2193aed
November - https://mailchi.mp/7fdc95a8040f/heartedge-mailer?e=08b2193aed

2019 HeartEdge Mailers
January - https://mailchi.mp/3a7317893312/heartedge-mailer-theology-ideas-connection-resource-january-2019?e=08b2193aed
February - https://mailchi.mp/0b269baf1a5b/heartedge-february-mailer?e=08b2193aed 
July - https://mailchi.mp/93e038240d81/heartedge-july-mailer?e=08b2193aed 
August - https://mailchi.mp/14e057f4db48/heartedge-mailer-august-2019?e=08b2193aed  
September - https://mailchi.mp/07814a6ebc49/heartedge-update?e=08b2193aed 
October - https://mailchi.mp/fd72a7604116/heartedge-mailer-resources-ideas-news-updates?e=08b2193aed 

The first Annual HeartEdge Conference was held on 12 & 13 September 2018 at St Martin-in-the-Fields and Lambeth Palace. For conference details please click the link below. Videos of the event can be viewed on the HeartEdge Facebook page... here