Home worship groups St Andrews St Albans parish of Mottingham

All members of St Andrew's and St Alban's congregations are welcome to join one of our Home Groups. These provide opportunities for deepening friendships, discussing a Bible topic, worshipping together and praying for needs in each church. Our current discussions are based on a link between a Bible passage and a famous painting - you can view these below. The Home Groups finish with a cup of tea and friendly conversation. Locations and times of Home Group meetings are posted on the notice boards inside each church and also on the weekly pew sheets.

If you would like to attend a Home Group meeting at David & Thelma's or Bob & Alison's please contact David Mouqué - email david@standrewandstalban.org.uk, The programme for January - April 2020 is shown on the attachment (pdf) below.

Home Groups also meet at St Andrew's Rectory and St Alban's Church. For more information on these please contact Revd Ian (Rectory Home Group) or Revd Anne (St Alban's Home Group). The Rectory Home Group is following the Lent Study on the Lord's prayer from 1 April 2020. The study is attached as a pdf (below).

Home Groups and Covid-19

The imposition of government measures to control the transmission of Covid-19 in March 2020 led to the suspension of all home group meetings until further notice. Undeterred, the 20 or so members have been keeping in touch with each other over the last six months by phone, email and Keep Connected!, which was created with the specific purpose of keeping the community 'alive and informed' during the lockdown. However, it was a welcome surprise for all home group members to receive a specially designed postcard and message celebrating Harvest Festival from David & Thelma, our home group founders and leaders. Thank you David & Thelma for your thoughtfulness in caring for and keeping our community connected!

At the beginning of November and with the announcement of the second lockdown David & Thelma circulated Remembrance themed postcards 'looking back in gratitude', to all Home Group members. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for helping to keep our community connected in this second lockdown.