St Andrew Intercessions: 3rd Sunday before Lent - 17 February 2019


Christ is become the first fruits of them that slept.

Lord God, awaken us to the call of Christ's Love.
Help us to understand the challenge of that Love.
Help us to take the necessary leap of Faith.
Help us to grow in Christ's Love and become first fruits.

Lord, at this time of Spring growth, help us at St Andrew and St Alban to dare to grow, to dare to leap in Faith and to yield to God's plan in love and Community. Guide the deliberations of Ian and Anne our priests with the Churchwardens, David, Navlet and Kay and the PCC. May they draw on the strength of Christ's Love.

Lord, we are aware of the many challenges facing us: facing our country going forward to Brexit at the end of March; facing our world as brutal wars and senseless violence cause millions to flee their homes and risk their lives to get to safer places; facing our natural world in which mass extinctions of animals and insects are a dailly occurrence and emissions of greenhouse gases are leading to global warming and sea-level rises impacting whole island communities. Lord, give us the understanding to look beyond our differences and separate agendas and to work for the good of all God's people and to take our responsibilities as stewards of the earth seriously. Give us the strength of porpose to dare to challenge the status quo when it doesn't measure up to Christ's vision.

Lord, may we create a haven of peace which radiates your Love and which will support those in trouble, whether of mind, body or circumstances. Bless those who are trapped in dark places and bring them to feel the Love of Christ working.

Lord, we know that growth involves struggle. Help us in our weakness and confirm us in our strength to meet the challenges which may seem sometimes to be more than our capabilities. May we rest in the Love that accepts us as we are and still hear the Voice that calls us to the more we can be.

Beverley Howard