The United Parish of Mottingham St Andrew with St Alban

Mission Action Plan (MAP) 2019 - 2025

Communicating God's love in Jesus Christ and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit through prayer, that we may use our talents and resources to further God's Kingdom in our united parish and the wider world.

We share the vision of the Diocese of Southwark through 'Hearts on Fire with a Vision for Growth' by:

  • Walking with Jesus and getting to know him better as we journey on
  • Welcoming all, embracing our diversity and seeking new ways of being church
  • Growing in numbers, generosity, faith and discipleship as we grow God's Kingdom

Priority Goals
The goals set out in the 2014 MAP are encompassed within a new strategy for growth through the pursuit of the following goals:

  • Effective Communication
  • Income Growth
  • Operational Improvement
  • Spiritual Mission
  • Social Justice and Action

Strategy for growth

  • Find out what people want and understand their needs
    Consult members and parishioners for views and identify what might be improved to grow regular attendance.
  • Identify what growing churches do
    Learn from others and develop new ways of being church (in line with the Diocesan Vision) which will attract young people, their families and new members.
  • Reach out and engage with the wider parish
    Building on our strengths, proacatively communicate and engage with people in the parish to broaden and strengthen our two church communities.
  • Raise funds and develop commercial income
    Evaluate and establish fund raising activities and identify and develop offerings that will attract involvement and generate commercial income.
  • Manage operations effectively and efficiently
    Ensure our buildings, facilities and equipment are able to support existing and new activities effectively and maximise their use. Manage operations efficiently to enable this and fully comply with legal obligations

The strategy will overlay HearEdge principles and the Five Marks of Mission (Diocese of Southwark)

2019 Priorities and Plans

PCC sub groups will be appointed to develop plans to pursue the priority goals, starting with a joint Finance/Operations. This group will identify urgent  priorities and determine what action is necessary in Year 1. Identified priorities for 2019 include: Income Growth; St Andrew's car pak/grounds renovations; Definition of Spiritual Mission goal and plans to pursue it; Parish Office organisation; Future Planning

The Finance'Operations Group met for the first time on 12 February and agreed a number of priority actions. More information on this will be reported here in due course.

MAP Schematic