Christian Aid Week 2020 Read & Sing-in

Sunday 31st May 2020

What a lovely afternoon of inspirational, amusing and entertaining literary and musical offerings from members of the congregations of the churches comprising Churches Together in Mottingham and friends. We journeyed from the ridiculous antics of Richmal Crompton's William Brown, Russel Hoban's Captain Njork and T S Eliot's cats to the inspirational spiritual insights of Kahlil Gibran, Mitch Albom, William Wordsworth and Margery Williams in her moving story, The Velveteen Rabbit.

For the first time in its 15-year history in Mottingham, we enjoyed the additional delight of a varied musical programme, which ranged from folk songs to favourites from musicals. As it was so appreciated, it would be great to see music become a regular part of this fundraising event for Christian Aid in future years.

Poetry was chosen by many of the contributors. We enjoyed Geoff Lander's self-penned satirical poems, Mary Wyborn's choice of Rapping Granny and John Betjeman, Revd Ian's rendition of The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, and finishing up and down under (three prepositions in a row!) with Jack Day's evocative reading of poems by the Australian poet Banjo Paterson.

One of the final readings was the tale of the feminist princess in Elijah's choice of one of his favourite bedtime stories, Zog. Great also to hear a poem hot-off-the press written by Rafe and Theo!

Huge thanks to all the contributors: Tina Tae, Iris Miller, Iris Miller, Revd Anne Hoad, Geoff Lander, Margaret Cameron, Julian Agnew, Dawn Watts, Mary Wyborn, Beverley & Geoff Howard, Alison Lawrie, Jack Day, Imogen Roose, Rafe & Theo Day, Diane Hudson, Judi Hadfield, Lara Bulford Welch, Sarah Welch and Revd Ian Welch. Many thanks also to all who 'attended' to support the event, and all who contributed so generously in support of Christian Aid. Hope you enjoyed it!

Sarah Welch