The General Data Protection Regulation is Coming!

Tuesday 27th March 2018

Our church is here for the people of the Parish and the community. To fulfil its role fully it must be able to communcate with people individually as well as collectively. So it is important that it has the right contact details and that it protects the privacy of all individual's contact information it holds. Stronger measures came into force on Friday 25 May 2018 to ensure all organisations comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR. This will mean that our two churches are required to obtain consent (or otherwise) from all of its individual contacts for the churches to continue contact them. Where consent is withheld or not provided by an individual the church will no longer be able to contact that individual! The Diocese of Southwark has provided guidance for parish churches in the Diocese and we have used that to produce a the necessary Consent form and Privacy Notices.

The Consent Form and Privacy Notices (one for role holders and one for non-role holders) can be viewed and downloaded by selecting the appropriate link at the below.