Long Service Awards - Rainbow and Brownie Leaders

Friday 24th August 2018

On 16 July 2018, in the Rectory garden, the Brownie and Rainbow leaders celebrated the end of term by cooking a barbecue for the girls. The County Commissioner was invited to join them and came to award Val Witcombe, Sue Wood and Tara Sissons their Long Service Certificates. In recognition of their hard work with the youngest of our uniformed organisations, Val received a 30 year award and Sue her 20 year one; Tara's certificate was awarded for 5 years of service to the Guides. We congratulate them and express our thanks for the years of dedication.


Sadly, they have had to say Goodbye to their Brownie Leader, Marcelle, who has moved to Somerset. We thank her for her leadership over the past 3 years and are very sorry to see her go. We send our best wishes for her future happiness in the South West. Her departure leaves a gap which we are anxious to fill as quickly as possible, so if you, or anyone you know, can step into this important role, please contact Sue at the Church Office. The children are a delightful group and the job is very rewarding. The leaders work well together as a team and, enlisting some valuable extra support, greatly enjoyed preparing for the barbecue and then taking the opportunity to relax in the Rectory garden afterwards.

A few weeks earlier in the term, a large group of Brownies and Guides had been treated to a trip to Wembley to watch "The X Factor," whichwas great fun for all.

Sue Wood