PPC church council St Andrews and St Alban Mottingham SE9-60

Our joint PCC is a vibrant and diverse group, numbering 17 members approved at the May 2018 Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). Matters at St Alban's are governed in the first instance by a smaller District Church Council. Members of this DCC are also members of the joint PCC. The PCC meets every two months or so to discuss and manage the affairs of both churches. Members of the PCC and members of both churches who are on the electoral roll are invited to attend the APCM. PCC members are: Revd Ian Welch (Chair); Tessa Andrew; Kay Ash, Jane Cornish; Shawmine Donaldson; Anne Hoad; Beverley Howard; Pat Hubbard; Ron Hubbard; David Hughes; Alison Lawrie; David Mouqué; Julia Robinson Navlet Robotham; Imogen Roose (Secretary); Benson Wilhelm; Beryl Woodard. Bob Lawrie attends to advise on MAP, HeartEdge and Website by invitation and in a non-voting capacity.

The rules on membership and operation of a PCC are included in the PCC Secretary's Handbook which can be viewed here - http://southwark.anglican.org/downloads/resources/PCC-Sec-handbookv1.pdf. Meeting agendas follow the same format as that of typical business meetings and are chaired by the incumbent - the Rector. If the Rector is unable to be present a chairperson is appointed in accordance with the rules.

The PCC developed a Mission Action Plan (MAP) following an 'away-day' in 2014 and it now forms the foundation for the future direction of our two churches. The MAP - (view here) was reviewed in 2017 and the five priority goals endorsed, with the development of this new website being given the highest priority. At the same time, the PCC is responsible for ensuring that both churches can and do run smoothly and that any operational issues are addressed. If you are on the electoral roll at St Andrew's or St Alban's and are interested in becoming a member of the PCC please contact our PCC Secretary, Imogen Roose at imogen@standrewandstalban.org.uk