Sermons at St Andrew with St Alban in the Parish of Mottingham

Sermons are preached each week at the 10am and 11am services and when appropriate, at 8:30am and also at the mid-week Wednesday service. Taking the Gospel for the day as their focus, they seek to explore key themes from Christ's teaching and to make this relevant to our daily lives in the modern world. At family services and for festivals the sermon slot may sometimes take the form of story-telling or a short dramatic presentation.

Lance Corporal Patrick Ndung'u AGP SPS with Revd Tim Ndegwa at the St Alban's Remembrance Day Service 2019. Read the address by Revd Tim below.



Revd Tim Ndegwa preaching his sermon (see sermon list below) 'Prepared for Christ's Return' at St Andrew's Patronal Service on Sunday 1 December 2019.

Diane Hudson interviewed by Thelma Mouqué in the fifth Alpha Sunday session at St Alban's on 16 February 2020 on the theme 'What is the Point of Praying'.

Diane has done voluntary work as a member of a church and also in prisons. As a committed Christian, she felt the need to help people in prison who had not had the opportunities that she had experienced in life. A talk at her church (then The Good Shepherd in Lee) from a member of an ecumenical Christian organisation, Prison Fellowship, resulted in her joining the organisation. As a result, Diane has been visiting prisoners in Belmarsh prison for more than 20 years. She spends her time there talking to prisoners and listening to their concerns, as well as providing help with Alpha courses run by the Chaplaincy team. Diane is committed to praying since being confirmed at the age of 14.

Fifth Sunday of Lent - Reflection on Psalm 11:3 Revd Tim Ndegwa - see below (pdf)