St Andrew with St Alban Hymn group in the Parish of Mottingham

St Andrew's and St Alban's 'Songs of Praise' began in February 2017.

Elsie, our 102 year old church member, expressed a wish to hear the piano in her front room played more often. Since then, we have been meeting on the first Tuesday afternoon of every month to sing our favourite hymns together.

We use booklets of large print hymns taken from the top forty of the BBC's Songs of Praise programme.

Our numbers have increased so that we have outgrown Elsie's front room! We now meet either in St Andrew's church hall or in Lilli's recording studio.

All are welcome to choose a favourite hymn. During the hour of singing there is a short talk focused on a particular Christian song. At the end we enjoy a cup of tea and cake together. 

Details of each meeting are posted on the notice boards in each church and on the weekly pew sheet.