Who's who at St Andrew with St Alban

Here are the key people at St Andrew's and St Alban's.

The Ministry and Team

Revd Ian M Welch MA
Rector, Parish of St Andrew with St Alban, Mottingham

Ian has been the incumbent at St Andrew's and St Alban's since September 2005. Prior to then he served as Curate at St Augustine's, Lee, having trained at Ripon College Cuddesdon where he studied for a Bachelor of Theology at Oxford University. Before Ordination Ian taught English Literature at the University of Connecticut and English Language in Singapore and London. He studied acting and speech formation with Peter and Barbara Bridgmont at the Chrysalis Theatre School, Balham. He has been married to Sarah for 25 years and has two daughters, Ellen (24) and Lara (21) and a grandson, Elijah, born in 2016.

Ian can be contacted at ian@standrewandstalban.org.uk

Revd Anne Hoad
Honorary Assistant Priest

Anne is a retired priest who supports the Rector in officiating at regular services principally at St Alban's. She also assists the Rector when and where necessary. She was a Deaconess for many years, a position women could not progress beyond in their ministry at the time. She was a prime mover in establishing the ordination of women priests.

Anne can be contacted at anne@standrewandstalban.org.uk

Navlet Robotham
Churchwarden, St Andrew's

Navlet is a churchwarden at St Andrew's. She provides support for the people of the congregation and currently, in the absence of a treasurer, she is also managing the day to day finanancial operation of St Andrew's..

Navlet can be contacted at navlet@standrewandstalban.org.uk

David Mouqué
Churchwarden, St Andrew's

David is a churchwaden at St Andrew's. He is responsible for ensuring that the church buildings are maintained and kept in good order. He instigated the Home Group initiative and leads the activity. David runs Alpha courses, plans and plays the piano at Songs of Praise and contributes to the Youth and Children's Ministry together with his wife Thelma.

David can be contacted at david@standrewandstalban.org.uk

Kay Ash
Churchwarden, St Alban's

Kay is churchwarden at St Alban's and provides support for the people of the congregation and is also responsible for ensuring that the church buildings are maintained. In addition, Kay is the Treasurer for St Alban's and is responsible for managing and reporting church finances.

Kay can be contacted at kay@standrewandstalban.org.uk

Imogen Roose
PCC Secretary

Imogen was born in Adelaide, Australia, where she gained her B.Mus degree in performance, studying Opera. She toured and performed extensively in Australia with the State Opera companies before emigrating to the UK. She and husband settled in London SE9 circa 2000. Having performed in various UK opera companies, she and husband Jack formed a cabaret duo and switched to light entertainment (the dark side!) and have followed that path since then. Imogen now works predominantly in corporate and private event entertainment, Covent Garden street theatre as well as occasional oratorio, recording and concerts. She is also frequently called upon to sing at weddings, celebrations and funerals. Her experience includes copy writing, charity administration, property, not to mention waitressing and bingo-calling during her time at university.

Imogen is an extremely proud Mum to one smallish girl and two smaller twin boys who all attend primary school in SE9. Imogen and her family joined the St Andrew's community in early 2014 when the twins were still babies. They received a warm welcome and Imogen soon volunteered for the position of PCC Secretary. Husband Jack subsequently re-started the choir which she joins when the children are behaving! Imogen was active in setting up the children's area at the rear of St Andrew's and she has also organised and run the last two Christmas Fayres.

Imogen can be contacted at imogen@standrewandstalban.org.uk.

St Andrew's Treasurer

We are looking for a volunteer to take on the role of St Andrew's Treasurer. If you have the necessary skills and are interested in applying please contact Revd Ian Welch.
T: 020 8851 1909
E: admin@standrewandstalban.org.uk

Sue Wood
Parish Office Administrator

E: admin@standrewandstalban.org.uk 
T: 020 8851 1909

Bob Lawrie
Web Admin, HeartEdge & MAP Advisor

E: bob@standrewandstalban.org.uk
T: 020 8857 0685

Jane Cornish
Safeguarding Officer

E: jane@standrewandstalban.org.uk 
T: 020 333 7824

Diane Hudson
Christian Aid

E: dianehudson412@btinternet.com 
T: 020 8857 0953

Paula Keats

E: paula.keats@btinternet.com 
T: 020 8857 8349

Ann Pilcher
Crossways Magazine Compiler

E: anndoreen@btinternet.com  
T: 01377 254315

Pat Hubbard
St Alban's DCC Secretary & News Editor

E: pathubbard@ntlworld.com 
T: 020 8289 9128

The PCC Team

 This entry will be updated after the APCM on 15 April 2018