This page has been created to seek and gather your views about the role of St Andrew's Church in your life and in the community. It is very difficult to express our friendship and fellowship with one another during this time of distancing. We nevertheless feel we want to mark the special occasion and demonstrate our 'togetherness', even if it can't be a party! The following link will take you to a mini online questionnaire (three questions only) which will help the St Andrew with St Alban PCC in its task of taking St Andrew's forward. All replies will be treated anonymously - please complete the questionnaire here.

Your responses and thoughts will be summarised by our PCC Secretary to support future meetings. Your wishes, thoughts and prayers will be blessed as part of the dedicated offering which we make on St Andrew's Day. We want you to feel that St Andrew's is your church and is a caring and loving community which attends to your concerns and needs. It would be much appreciated if you could complete the online questionnaire by the end of October 2020. Thank you for your support.