At Sunday Club on 4 November 2018 Sue and Alison introduced the theme of Remembrance. This addressed two current events: one was the focus of today's All Saints' Memorial Service, remembering departed loved ones; the other is next week's Remembrance Sunday.
We began by talking about happy and sad memories of our own and some children mentioned the death of a grandparent. We discussed why it is important to remember those we have loved, who have died, and then went on to talk about remembering those who were not members of our families, but still fought to keep us safe. We looked at the poppies on the wreath that will be laid by the Guides and Brownies at next week's service at the War Memorial. The children then made their own paper wreaths which looked very effective.
Together, we read the book 'Where the poppies now grow", by Hilary Robinson and beautifully illustrated by Martin Impey. This book really captured the children's imaginations and Sophia had memorised some recurring lines of the poem, encouraging the others to also join in.
We also recalled that in the Communion Service, the words of Jesus at the Last Supper were "Do this in remembrance of me". 
To finish, we made some glittery firework pictures as we chanted "Remember, remember the 5th of November..." a rather different act of remembrance! Alison Lawrie